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Java VPN encrypts your internet connection to keep your online activity private on any network.
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Connectivity &
Worldwide access

Bypass local restrictions and censorship for unlimited unrestricted access to social media, WhatsApp, video and much more
More than 40 worldwide locations to choose from, unlock worldwide content.
Connect multiple devices under one premium account
Ideal for gamers, low latency, fast speed internet.

and Privacy

Stay totally secure and
No activity or connection logs  promise – total privacy guaranteed.
Military grade encryption
Prevent hackers and ‘man-in- the-middle’ attacks on insecure Wi-Fi networks.
Blocks malware and phishing.

and Service

24/7 dedicated support team
Most competitive pricing – Premium account starting from just $1.99 per month
unlimited-bandwidth and ultra-fast VPN servers
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Our global network of fast VPN servers





Java VPN features

Get access to content from anywhere in the world!

– You can get access to content from censored and blocked websites from anywhere in the world regardless of where you are.Unblock YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and much much more.

Over 40 worldwide server locations

–  You can choose your server location and change location whenever you want to. We have an ever-expanding worldwide network of servers to choose from

Mask your IP address

– Our secure VPN servers will make sure you never have to reveal your true IP address or location.

Enjoy anonymous browsing

–  Browse risk-free and any site you want to while remaining completely anonymous

24/7 Email support

– Enjoy 24/7 access to a dedicated support team to help you troubleshoot any issues. Simply email

Free Unlimited VPN service

–  High quality Bandwidth, Dedicated powerful servers.

Speed test

– In-App speed test to check your internet and server speed connections.

Password Generator

–  Generate a strong password to protect your digital assets.

IP Checker

–   Check your current Internet location and IP broadcasted.

No activity or connection logs

– Java VPN will never log any of your activity, DNS queries or your traffic data. Rest assured we will keep you anonymous and log-free.

World-class military grade encryption

– Java VPN uses 256-bit AES encryption which is the accepted industry standard by the world’s leading security experts.

Private DNS

– Enjoy safer connections with private and encrypted DNS on every single server within the Java VPN network.Optimized for speed

Speed Optimization

– Java VPN constantly optimizes its servers so you get the fastest speed possible.

About Java

A VPN or virtual private network is a secure tunnel connection between your devices and the internet. This protects your internet activity and hides your online identity. How does this happen? Well, we connect you to a secure VPN server so your internet traffic goes through a military- grade encrypted tunnel, this hides your activity from governments, hackers, service providers or anyone else.


like YouTube and apps such as WhatsApp in parts of the world where their access is restricted. 

Shop for the
best Deals

anywhere in the world using the VPN to access local IP addresses to get those discounts and savings!  

your Location

by changing your IP address via our VPN to any part of the world you choose 

and Torrenting

of movies and videos is never easier with unrestricted VPN led access, bypassing local and Wi-fi restrictions.  

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What people are saying about Java VPN

Indeed Java VPN is one of the best free VPNs, the quality is amazing, the App is very easy to use, just requires one click to connect!
Ali Ahmed

Very good App, top speed, perfect for gaming and live streaming. Works perfectly
John Dennis

Perhaps the only free App which is working in the UAE, top quality, even expensive Apps don’t work so well. Well done Java
Abu Ibrahim